Tears Of Regret

No songs for this band.

The band was founded in the 2013 after Holding Shamharoosh band by owner Odai after getting an error in one of the tracks we were working on the development of the band at that time,Odai,Tareq and Hussein they are from Jordan and Fahad friend of them, from Iraq. the idea came to establish Atmospheric Black Metal, Doom, Ambient Metal band .where we were working on the transition to a new style where the lyrics are in Arabic language bands like Narjahanam and Al Namrood, the tunes and east, we thought of Skin to change our style of the band writing lyrics in English, based on the historical eras blended ancient wars and grief and pain and moping in addition to the black owner of that period, as we relied on old stories in terms of intellectual beliefs only."
the members they are not meeting, they are working online because Fahed in Iraq.
We hope some day meeting and plying together not on Skype and playing live with best metal bands.